Clean Water Project

in Schools


Goats project

This project is supported by Rotary Club of Scottsbluff-Gering, Nebraska USA District 5440 in connection with Meru Rotary Club and MCK Kaaga Synod.

In Meru we have more than 60 schools that have improved and benefited through this project.

Better nutrition

Source of income

 Supports the indigenous wildlife

Most of the groups harvested their fish. They got money used for Merry Go Round. Those are  the ones who started the first round and now doing the second round.


Increased capital

Manure for fertilizer

Brush control

The members who are among the first groups to benefit from this Goat Project have benefited a lot because goats gave birth and they have milk for their nutrition support.

We have approx. 30 groups that have benefited from this project.

Access to safe water

Sanitation facilities

Better academic performance

Better attendance of the school

Clean water project gives schools the following benefits:

This project provides the following benefits:

Goats project provides:

Students sponsorship

New classroom

OVCS Shelter

In  2004 we started the baseline of the supporting groups in our circuits and it started with two circuits i.e. Naari and Ntugi Circuit.

In 2006 we started the sponsorship with 20 children supported by Centre for Health and Hope. The first 20 are able to earned their living in various ways, some became teachers, others are clerks and business people.

Improves the living conditions of families who have lost their parents.

Improves their security.

Benefits overall quality of life.

On the beginning of this year (2017), Bishop Catherine dedicated a new classroom at Matuuru Primary School sponsored by Oregon Team.

This school is among many schools that that were previously supported by different partners.

Good education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Can create a better future for children and their families.

Since we started this program most of the OVCS (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) have improved their houses due to provision of iron sheets, timber and nails.

Students benefits:

The project provides:

Goats project provides:

Clean and safe study environment.

Make teaching and learning more effective.

Medical camps


Every year we hold more than five free medical camps in our circuits. That has really imparted the lives of our community members positively.

This has been a success through our partners from USA: Nebraska Team, Grape Vine Team, Colorado Team and CLCL Partners.

Every term we give nutrition support for some of the children in primary school to enable them to have good health for their learning in school.

The caregivers picks them from our headquarters office.

Eradication of poverty.

Increasing awareness on health issues.

Providing affordable health care.

Benefits of the project:

This project provides the following benefits:

Long, healthy life.

Reduced risk of disease.

Better digestive health.

Better hydration.

Healthier children.

Benefits of the project:

Eradicates poverty.

Provides opportunity for better future.

Increases students attendance and performance at school.

Most of the primary school students are provided with school uniform, shoes, bed and beddings at different times.

This is done after visiting the homestead and overviewing urgent needs.

We also provide some little funds for their schools when needed.

Students in secondary school have provision of school fees only.

Last year most of those in Form IV did well in their exams and got admission to the universities and colleges. Although the big challenge is the amount of money they need to pay for their entry.

Provision of school fees, materaces, beddings, shoes and school uniforms

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Relief food

This year we were able to visit several remote areas affected by drought where we took relief food, supported by three teams namely Grape Vine, Colorado Team and Nebraska Team. Relief food was distributed in Masai areas: Lukusero, Dodol. Apart of this we distributed food at Buuri area.

Food assistance due to the drought.

Helping malnourished people.

Benefits of the project:

Preventing diseases.

Street  children

This project provides the following benefits:

Last three years we started Street Children feeding program where we interact with them and get to know them better and try to change their lives.

On this we were able to recruit five students who are in different secondary schools and doing very well in their education.

Ten children have joined different primary schools through the support from our partners.

Three of the neediest cases in those schools with no shelter have been supported to rent a house to stay.

Helping destitute and disadvantaged street children.

Initiative to alleviate the poverty of the children living ‘rough.

Assist in keeping them out of the clutches of the drug, crime and prostitution ‘barons.

Girls Seminars and schools empowerment

MCK Kaaga Synod is actively involved in organizing seminars for girls on hygiene and ruby cap as well as special empowerment seminars for schools.


Benefits of the project:

Preventing diseases.

Disability empowerment

Helping the vulnerable.

Eradicating poverty.

Benefits of the project:

Groups empowerment

This project provides the following benefits:

The primary objective is to put vulnerable groups of people, their rights and empowermentrat the forefront of their activities.

Empowering of women and youth.

Eradicating poverty.

House for the needy family

We are helping put up houses for very needy families whose houses were destroyed by fire or any other disaster.

Helping the vulnerable.

Eradicating poverty.

Benefits of the project: